What is your title?
PUP-duction Manager and Cultural Czar, my job is to help around the cidery, look cute, and chew on things…mostly my job is to just chew on things.
What drew you to cider?
I was raised next door to Colorado Cider Company’s Orchard in Hotchkiss.  When Kathe and Brad saw me frolicking through their orchard and eating apples, they knew I was a perfect fit for this position.
What does your day to day look like?
Well I start the day with a 3-hour nap under Brad’s desk, then move onto improving company morale through cuddle times, petting, and sudden bursts of energy, as well as finding at least 3 to 4 different things to chew on.  My favorite is desk chairs and rubber door stoppers, although anything really works.  I recently got into a heated tug of war with our sales director’s shoelace.  Those sales people, geez.
What is your favorite thing about working at Colorado Cider Company?
People are really friendly, whether it is Co-workers, the folks at TRVE Brewing, or people picking up donations for our non-profit outreach; for some unknown reason everyone wants to pet me.  They are so nice, telling me how good looking I am, and occasionally they even rub my belly.  Plus they let me chew on things. 
Who is your favorite person to work with at the Company?
Brad and Kathe both, they even feed me and let me live with them. Talk about corporate housing.  When I am a bad dog they still let me stay! Plus, I like chewing on their things the most.  Brads sandals are especially tasty.
Any Parting Words?
Yes! You can come drink cider and have fun and perhaps even give me a belly rub every Friday from 4-8pm, and Saturdays from 3-8pm.  We have 15 ciders on tap, and of course plenty of things to chew on.